Apple iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks
How To maintain memory and keep your devices running smoothly

Daily and routine maintenance tips

1. Delete excess email and text messages
Consider your email and texts as a convenience, deleting any messages you
don't need to keep handy to on the mobile device.

Perform a daily reset of your iPhone and iPad
Refresh your device with a restart. Simply press and hold down the on/off
button on top of the device and the Home button at the same time. Keep
holding until the screen goes dark and the apple appears. Now let go.

Clean out Temporary Internet Files and cookies
Open the Settings Menu, General, delete temporary Internet Files, Cookies
and History.
1. Open the
Settings App from your icons
2. Select
Safari from the menu (about mid-page).
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Safari settings menu
4. Press to
Clear History and website.
5. Press the Home button to close Settings  

4. Clear out programs running on the background
Double-tap the Home button, displaying "cards" of the open apps. Simply flick
them upwards with a finger. Done!

5. Move photos you don't need to your hard drive via iTunes sync.
Use iCloud or iTunes to sync your contacts, calendars, notes, etc to the
computer, while at the same time updating your iPod music library and also to
add and delete photos with iPhone. iCloud syncs this
data wirelessly.
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Apple iPhone and iPad Update to iOS 9
iCloud stores your music, photos,
documents, and more and wirelessly
pushes them to all your devices.
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